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At The Solomon Law Center, no case is too big or too small. Whether your case involves hundreds of dollars or several million, The Solomon Law Center will protect your rights with the zeal and tenacity to ensure that justice is met, whether it is at an arbitration, trial, or mediation. Moreover, we provide full disclosure to all of our clients, including simplifying complicated legal jargon so that we are on the same page during the entire case. Furthermore, our results-oriented approach to personal injury allows our attorneys to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement for you and, if necessary, litigate your personal injury case before the court.

Hence, our attorneys will use their years of experience, tact, and sharp negotiation skills to ensure that you will emerge from your trial victorious and with complete satisfaction. Whether you have been injured in an accident due to negligence or insobriety, The Solomon Law Center will ensure that justice is met swiftly and that you receive the financial compensation or desired verdict with full peace of mind.