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Furthermore, The Solomon Law Center is well aware of the stress and emotional turmoil of being separated from your family, not wanting to go back to your country due to lack of protection from your country's government, being a victim of crime in the U.S., being unable to work because you do not have a work permit, being a highly qualified individual whose work is of national importance but are unable to stay and work in the United States. Fortunately, The Solomon Law Center is a pro-active immigration law firm that will work with you to find a solution to these vast immigration issues. In addition, we have taken adequate steps to understand and stay ahead of legal mandates and regulations in order to provide competent legal representation at reasonable rates. Hence, whether you are looking for a work visa or are trying to enter the U.S. as an international student, a refugee, a green card applicant, an asylum seeker, an employee, etc., our attorneys will help you understand the intricacies of United States Immigration laws and file the appropriate paperwork for you to ensure a safe and comfortable assimilation into the U.S. for you and your family. Please call The Solomon Law Center today for a consultation and get the peace of mind you deserve.

I. Our Visa and Immigration Status Practice Areas

Employment Based
H-1b - Specialty (Professional) Occupation
H-2b - Temporary Worker
L-1a - International Company Executive/Manager Transferee
L-1b - International Company Specialized Knowledge Transferee
TN Visa/Status - Mexican and Canadian Listed Professionals
E-1 - Treaty Trader and Essential Worker of Treaty


E-2 - Treaty Investor and Essential Worker of Treaty


R-1 - Religious Worker
B-1 - Temporary Business Visitor
Non-Employment Based
B-2 - Temporary Visitor
F-1 - Student
M-1 - Vocational Student
K-1 - Fiancé of US Citizen
K-3 - Spouse of US Citizen
J-1 - Exchange Visitor
VWP - Visa Waiver Program

II. Our Green Card Practice Areas

Employment Based

EB1 - First Preference Employment Based Immigration
EB2 - Second Preference Employment Based Immigration
EB3 - Third Preference Employment Based Immigration
EB4 - Fourth Preference Employment Based Immigration (Special Immigrant)
EB5 - Fifth Preference Employment Based Immigration (Immigrant Investor)

Family Based

Immediate Relatives of US Citizens: Family Based
Green Card Renewal and Replacement
Re-entry Permits
Advance Parole
Employment Authorization Document
Spouses of US Citizens
Children of US Citizens
Parents of US Citizens
FB1 - First Preference Family Based Immigration:
Unmarried Sons and Daughters of US Citizens
FB2 - Second Preference Family Based Immigration:
Spouses of Permanent Residents
Children of Permanent Residents
Unmarried Sons and Daughters (over 21) of Permanent Residents
FB3 - First Preference Family Based Immigration:
Married Sons and Daughters of US Citizens
FB4 - First Preference Family Based Immigration:
Siblings of US Citizens

III. Miscellaneous Green Card-Related Documents and Concerns

Green Card Renewal and Replacement Reentry Permit

IV. Other Areas

Withholding of Removal
Deferred Action Program
Removal of Conditions (of individuals married to U.S. Citizens)